Triangles and Tribulations

Artists Lois Schklar and Noah Gano continue their exploration of space for this site-specific installation Triangles and Tribulations. Evolving an earlier collaboration, they have created a three-dimensional drawing through an emotional and intuitive process, responding to the architectural and material challenges of the third floor staircase in the historic Gladstone Hotel.

Two elastic cords link pathways around the walls and architecture, doubling back and moving forward in new directions at different depths, and creating triangular shapes as lines intersect. Animating the natural flow of the staircase, the lines appear to shift and change in reaction to perspective and daylight. 

Exhibition Dates:

December 2013 - December 2014
(continued as part of the Hard Twist exhibition on January 23-April 27, 2014)

The Gladstone Hotel

1214 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON